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It happened shortly after my husband left for an out-of-town job. I was swallowed by my art room. But I was not the only one. My hamster, Zola, was missing.

We returned from Reno to find a cage with full food cup and water bottle sans Zola. She must have perfected her escape scenario soon after we left the house. Knowing about her penchant for Houdini like behavior I made sure to secure the latch on her cage with a large safety pin. Seeing the door still closed really made me wonder if she was hiding under the fluff. My husband checked. Not under the fluff! Her furniture and toys were still in the same place which is a sure sign of her absence as she redecorates daily. A closer look at the door reveals…a turned safety pin and an inch and 3/4 gap…and a three foot fall from the bookcase.

I searched everywhere I could on the first day and hours each day thereafter to no avail.
My art room was the most difficult. I moved boxes out to the dining room table and spread out…frightened that I was going to find this dead thing laying between the boxes. It was not a pleasant experience though a good reason to organize.

The morning my husband left and I was swallowed by my art room I noticed the tiniest bit of fragnance. By afternoon I was more than suspiscious Zola was close. That evening I found her behind the bookcase that I could not move alone.

The following day found me in the cool (thank goodness) but windy outdoors. It was a good day to make a grave marker while waiting for my husband to return. Only he didn’t. My daughter was coming over we were going to have graveside service for her. It was getting cold and I wanted to go inside. I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

I am blessed with good neighbors. I ran next door and recruited the neighbor and he recruited his grandson for pest control duties. While I waited outside they removed the rodent. My daughter came over and we laid Zola to rest under the rosebush, covering her little resting place with a small piece of slate.

That evening I was working on cleaning and organizing my art studio. I pulled on a cord that was around the back of the bookcase and found evidence of my poor Zola’s demise. She had bitten through the cord and zapped herself. While thankful she didn’t suffer a death by starvation I was enormously grateful there was no fire.

And so was the death of our Houdini hamster. The end…Or is it the beginning of a new tale…The Hamster Haunting…


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I have always been interest in a world unknown by many. It’s the world I live in, the world I’ve always lived in. Paranormal activity is normal in my world. It’s actually part of everyone’s world. It’s just that it goes unnoticed by others. But not me…Nope! I hear the footsteps upstairs when I’m downstairs. I hear the drawers in the master bathroom opening and the cupboard doors slamming shut. I run upstairs to yell at my daughter to stay out of my bathroom only to find her in her own bathroom. I’ve seen shadow people during the daylight. I’ve had objects disappear and reappear in an obvious place after I’ve scoured the house in absolute frustration. I’ve felt my face caressed and my bum patted. It doesn’t scare me. It’s normal…not” paranormal.”


I got a call in January from the American Paranormal Investigations inviting me to a meeting for anyone interest in becoming members of API. Apparently there were many sensitives in the room because when I entered, I could feel several people trying to read me. I blocked them and sat down. Dave, the founder of the group, provided the history and activities. His wife and co-founder, Ann, were fun and informative. At one point, Dave looked at me and said, “You’re very strong.” The meeting concluded with a commitment to be included on a training investigation as long as nothing ‘negative’ was sensed by Ann who was a sensitive very good at reading people.

And so began my volunteering for API (which is a non-profit organization). The following weekend was our first investigation as trainees. When the duty roster arrived via email, I was shocked to see my name down as a sensitive. I was worried. I was stressed. I felt a tremendous pressure to do what I was sure I couldn’t do. I mean, yeah, I’m an empath. But to be psychic to the point of telling homeowners what is going on in their homes? No way!

The house was quite large, beautiful, and filled with Senior Investigators, debunkers, interviewers, photographers, and trainees. We were told to be conscious of and document any sounds, smells, etc. Just then the homeowner’s dog farted then wagged her tail. It was fetid and quite offensive…and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. We then broke into groups, some of us running outside for fresh air.

My trainer asked me why I chose the role as sensitive for the investigator. I told him I didn’t; I received the assignment from Dave. My trainer said that Dave and Ann must have felt very strongly about me abilities to give me this assignment. He was an incredible trainer as he swiftly calmed my stress and fears. “If you feel something physically, just say so out loud. If you feel strongly about an impression, speak out. If you don’t feel anything, that is perfectly acceptable. You’ll be fine.”

The sensitives (the trainer, a Senior Investigator wanting to try the sensitive role, and me) went through the house first. Assigned to us were the debunkers who wrote down what we said and tested the environment with K2 meters, thermometers, and digital voice recorders. We were also filmed.

Before entering the house we had spent time outside grounding, setting our intentions, and asking for protection. As we started our walkthrough, I took a relaxing breath, closed my eyes and held my hands out in front of me palms forward.  I could feel the energy in the room, how it moved, the density, and the presence of the many animals in the room. As I circled the room I suddenly heard a growl. I jumped out of my meditative state almost peeing my pants! Unknown to me, there was a dog in a kennel that I hadn’t seen. It took me a few minutes to gther my wits and scattered life force opening to the energy again.

It was amazing how different each room felt. The garage felt better than the front living room. I felt like we were being watched from the loft/office that looked down upon the family room. Like sands through the hourglass I perceived numerous details about the room and the energies within.

As I exited one room into a hallway I unconsciously began to rub the middle of my chest at my heart chakra. One of the debunkers asked if I was OK. “My heart…my heart feels like it is in distress though I know it’s not.” In another room, I felt a protective presence. The lights of the K2 meter began to light up and blink on and off.  It was thrilling to see this. The trainer wanted to make sure there was an entity using the K2 to communicate. “If that is you lighting up the K2 meter, please stop.” All the lights went off.

During our break, I heard voices downstairs where we hadn’t been. I thought it was some of the other API members and followed the voices to interact with the people I’d not spent time with. No one was there. I asked Ann if she heard voices. “Yep. I think we should take advantage of this and do some EVP work.” (Electronic Voice Phenomenenon-voices captured by digital recorders but not heard by investigators.)

The EVP session was the only time the lights were turned off. We were in the master bathroom and bedroom. I sat on the side of the jacuzzi tub. “If you are here please knock, touch someone, pull their hair.” I felt a lock of hair pulled up and dropped. I identified myself (for the recorder) and shared what I had felt. The video camera was recording, but I don’t know if it captured this sign of a presence. The EVP session continued until someone said something and we all started laughing…”This is Sally. I’m laughing.” A similar statement was made for several people.

After the sensitives’ walkthrough, the debunkers did their thing, rooms were photographed, K2 meters and themometer readings were documented. Then it was time for the reveal phase of the investigation. All investigatory activity was shared with those livinging in the house. I think I got more out of this than anyone as the homeowner revealed to us that her best friend had died a few years before. He died the day prior to his scheduled heart transplant! This not only explained the strange sensation in my heart chakra but affirmed my abilities as a sensitive.

Last weekend was another investigation and I went solo (sans trainer) as did another ‘newbie’ as the sensitives. We were not to talk to one another nor be in the same room together. I felt pressured but finally just let it all go and did the walkthrough ending in the family room. There I actually saw something that shocked me.

(For those of you who haven’t watched the movie “Ghostbusters,” this is a replica of their ghost trap. The homeowners obviously had a sense of humor.)

Note: The first photo is of my daughter during a vocal performance. The ghost was added through an ipod application.)

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