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It happened shortly after my husband left for an out-of-town job. I was swallowed by my art room. But I was not the only one. My hamster, Zola, was missing.

We returned from Reno to find a cage with full food cup and water bottle sans Zola. She must have perfected her escape scenario soon after we left the house. Knowing about her penchant for Houdini like behavior I made sure to secure the latch on her cage with a large safety pin. Seeing the door still closed really made me wonder if she was hiding under the fluff. My husband checked. Not under the fluff! Her furniture and toys were still in the same place which is a sure sign of her absence as she redecorates daily. A closer look at the door reveals…a turned safety pin and an inch and 3/4 gap…and a three foot fall from the bookcase.

I searched everywhere I could on the first day and hours each day thereafter to no avail.
My art room was the most difficult. I moved boxes out to the dining room table and spread out…frightened that I was going to find this dead thing laying between the boxes. It was not a pleasant experience though a good reason to organize.

The morning my husband left and I was swallowed by my art room I noticed the tiniest bit of fragnance. By afternoon I was more than suspiscious Zola was close. That evening I found her behind the bookcase that I could not move alone.

The following day found me in the cool (thank goodness) but windy outdoors. It was a good day to make a grave marker while waiting for my husband to return. Only he didn’t. My daughter was coming over we were going to have graveside service for her. It was getting cold and I wanted to go inside. I simply couldn’t wait any longer.

I am blessed with good neighbors. I ran next door and recruited the neighbor and he recruited his grandson for pest control duties. While I waited outside they removed the rodent. My daughter came over and we laid Zola to rest under the rosebush, covering her little resting place with a small piece of slate.

That evening I was working on cleaning and organizing my art studio. I pulled on a cord that was around the back of the bookcase and found evidence of my poor Zola’s demise. She had bitten through the cord and zapped herself. While thankful she didn’t suffer a death by starvation I was enormously grateful there was no fire.

And so was the death of our Houdini hamster. The end…Or is it the beginning of a new tale…The Hamster Haunting…


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Dragonfly Day

I could feel it coming upon me but there wasn’t a single thing I could do about it. Wakefulness was pulling on my eyelids and prodding my brain. I was wondering if everyone was able to feel this content. You know…You find that perfect position in bed, the head finds that perfect place on the pillow. I sigh as I give thanks for the perfect night of sleep and strange dreams of flying clothes and purple water.

I stretch my body from head to foot and smile as though I’ve never been happier. I have, but not for a long time. I rise from my plush bed and sit up running my fingers through my hair. I stand up and walk to the window seat before I realize I have no nightwear on my body. Oh, well. What does it matter when there is no one to see?

I touch the window and notice that the cold on the other side of the pane did not penetrate the room. The sun had not yet pulled itself up the backside of the mountain. Its bright light lays upon the uneven silhouette of the forest like a halo. I eagerly await that moment when the sun will crest. The changing colors paint the early morning sky. It is already a magnificent day! I feel such gratitude for the honor of witnessing the magnificence of such an ordinary, every day event.

©Sally A. Knornschild 2010

I turn back toward the center of the room and my heart lurches at the sight of my bed. It’s always been my dream to sleep in a bed like this. Whoa! A sudden splash of a hundred rainbows fill the room. I don’t know how much more perfection I can take in one day but I drink it up nevertheless. More gratitude. Then it hits me…This is no ordinary room. It is magical. Regardless of whether last nights events are true, I know this room is magic as it has captured the perfection of the sunrise.

I enter the bathroom and notice the faucet in the sink turn on without any help from me. Alrighty then! Those weren’t dreams last night. I bet the water temperature is not too hot nor too cold, just perfect. And this morning, the color of the water matches the sunrise.

As I do my morning ritual without applying spackle and putty on my face, I wonder what the day has in store for me. I smile as I catch my eye in the mirror and decide that even without makeup, I look pretty damn good for being 54. I wink as my eye in the mirror winks back.

“Yep…magical room,” I murmur to myself when I see my clothes already laid out and the bed made. I think I’m going to like not having to bother with those bothersome menial tasks. The excitement of awakening in such a magnificent manner has the day pulling at me. I grab my jacket and camera as my stomach growls. “Food! Feed me, Seymore!” I think of the gigantic flower in “The Little Shop of Horror” Just as I am about to close the door behind me, I hear a thump and shuffling in the closet. Oh, yeah. I really must look in that closet…later!

My hunger sated by nourishment I consider returning to the room to grab my journal and paints. But before I can finish the thought, there they lie upon the table. Guess the room isn’t the only thing that’s magical at Riversleigh Manor!

As I step out to the covered walkway I  survey the garden before me. There was frost last night but the morning sun has turned the frost to water droplets. My foot stops before making contact with the pavers. I see a dragonfly laying feet up. I pick it up thinking it froze to death when I see one foot moving. A leaf on the bush just outside the door beckons with sunlight and the promise of warmth. I place the dragonfly in the sun and continue my walk to the edge of the deck.  The autumn colors are ablaze as far as I can see towards the forest. A gasp escapes my lips. Once again the beauty of this place and this day slam into me, filling every nook and dark crevice of my heart.

©Sally A. Knornschild 2010

My camera clicks away as I compose each frame hoping to capture the full effect of fall in this part of the world. I can’t stop looking at the array of oranges and shades of pink and yellow. How could anyone pass this sight and not be amazed by nature in all her glory?

The dragonfly buzzes in my brain. I look at her closely and see drops of dew on her transparent wings. My hand reaches out to her and I nudge her into my palm. I feel the energy in my hands turn on and I cup the other hand over her so she is encased by warmth. I giggle as I feel her wings begin to flutter. They flutter so fast that I wonder if she is in neutral or if she will fly when I open my hands. A minute or two later I open my hands. She is not ready to go yet and I think of hummingbirds as I watch her beating wings.

©Sally A. Knornschild 2010

What a wonderous feeling…to have a dragonfly in the palm of my hand as her wings beat themselves into a blur. They pump energy into her body, and rids her of water droplets. She stops for a moment, shakes her tail, then flies towards the colors of autumn.

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My art journal has been resized so that I can spread out my creativity. The pages of this journal cannot help but capture the love that has been oozing from my heart. Here is the cover: 

Art Journaling requires an adventure deep inside one’s heart and imagination. Body and soul, mind and heart, heaven and earth must be connected. I love to go outside and lay on the ground, staring at the clouds or blue sky. I close my eyes so that my ears may also connect with nature; noticing the sounds of the birds, the breeze blowing through the leaves, the occasional airplane, the water flowing nearby. I move my attention to my skin where I feel the earth beneath me, the warmth of the sun, the tickle of the grass, and the air carressing me. The scent of roses, honeysuckles, and geraniums waft through my nose and into my soul. I have a strong sense of the four directions and the earth breathing outward. I am grounded. All is as it should be.

I feel such joy, such love when I am spilling my creativity into my art journal. As I draw, paint, color, paste I am at peace and filled with love. I am happy and feel good about who I am.

There is no denying that my humor is a huge part of who I am. Sometimes I just think funny and there’s no satisfaction in being alone during those times. Humor is best when shared.

I realize that happiness is an inside job and that the power within me is much greater than any problem I may be facing. Again I turn inward and outward at the same time as I reconnect with nature. I realize that the only obligation I have on this earth is to breathe, love, and be happy.

I’m alive. I’m breathing. I’m fulfilling that creative drive that makes me feel like my heart is going to burst. I’m loving my life, family, friends, and most of all….MYSELF!


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More Glass Art

Now that I’ve gotten the hang of gluing pieces of glass together, I find myself creating pieces that are slightly more sophisticated. These pieces took much more time than the others…probably because I am being more careful with the glue, taking the time to detail, and clean excess glue. (Using the Googy glue makes clean up easy as you can roll the excess into little balls (glue goobers) and pull from the glass. I’ve also added thoughtful and positive words that shine through glass rounds that my best friend made for me a few years ago.



We’ve had some pretty feroscious winds off and on the past two weeks. One piece did break but I actually prefer it in two pieces.

Happy Split

 Happy Split





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Yard Art

Going to the thrift storeIMG_0885

Is my favorite thing.

When I find new glassware

My heart begins to sing.

I like my glass unusual

And in various hues

Oh yes give me colors

Especially the blues.



IMG_0879I join all the pieces

With dabs of Goofy glue

Some of it gets broken

Chards of different hue.

It’s tall when it is finished

I worked with all my heart.

A myriad of glassware

Has become my Yard Art.



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